Original Sperl Selection

The Viennese coffee house culture is inextricably linked to the world-famous Café Sperl. International names such as Archduke Charles Ferdinand, Léhar, the painter's circle, the Haagen society, the Seventh Club, became mentors of Café Sperl. This has not changed to this day. The Viennese audience, as well as the tourists from all over the world, are drawn into the spell of Café Sperl. A visit to Café Sperl is like a dive into the history of Vienna, a stage for artists and the public. The "Sperlian" was also the birth-aid of the original Café Sperltorte. In the living room for creative and artists since 1880 the delicious Sperl torte was called into life. The recipe is secret, but we can give you so much: delicate milk chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, delicious almond mass ... a perfect harmony which the incomparable

Enjoyment guaranteed. The original Sperl torte can be stored for at least eight weeks on the basis of your special recipe.

Available in two sizes

Sperl Deluxe

Big cake comes in a wood box.

Sperl Piccolino

Small cake comes in a wood box.

Wooden Box

The cake comes in a nice wooden box.

Traditional coffee house since 1880. Jakob Ronacher opens the 'Ronacher' built and furnished by Gross & Jelinek. In December the cafe is taken over by the Cafetier Sperl and gets the name Cafe Sperl.

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat 7am - 10pm

Sun - 10am - 8pm

Holiday - 10am - 8pm

July & August: Sunday closed


Gumpendorferstrasse 11

A-1060 Wien

Phone: +43 1 5864158

Email: melange@cafesperl.at

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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat 7am - 10pm

Sun - 10am - 8pm

Holiday - 10am - 8pm

July& August: Sunday closed